Simon Hoare Secures Prime Minister's Support For The Thalidomide Campaign




Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions this week in the House of Commons, Simon Hoare MP for North Dorset asked the Prime Minister to continue his support for the Thalidomide Campaign.


Simon Hoare, who is also Vice-Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Thalidomide, said: “My right hon. Friend knows that the legacy of thalidomide still hangs over more than 500 people in our country today. In the last Parliament, he signalled strong support for the securing of a fair and just solution to their problems. May I invite him to renew that pledge in this Parliament and to work with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Thalidomide to bring about a just outcome?”


In response, the Prime Minister said: “I am very happy to make that clear. In the last Parliament I met some of my own constituents who had been affected by thalidomide. There were a number of things that they wanted parliamentarians to do and I think that a lot of people got behind their campaign. I shall be happy to continue to work with them in this Parliament.”


Deputy Leader of North Dorset District Council and thalidomide campaigner, Cllr Graham Carr-Jones, commented: “The battle for justice has been particularly hard, first started by our parents in the 1970s and continued by us. Our objective is to receive an apology, not only to us but also our families, all of whom were affected by this catastrophe. Now, with the help of MPs like Simon we are getting closer to our goal. I am particularly grateful to Simon for raising the issue at PMQs, this shows that the UK Government still recognises the Thalidomide scandal, and is prepared to battle on our behalf.”