During a debate in Parliament last week on the UK Dairy sector, Simon Hoare, MP for North Dorset, encouraged DEFRA to stand with the Dairy all-party group in promoting a new report, ‘Putting Dairy Back on the Menu’.

The report, commissioned and researched by the Dairy APPG, ‘sought to emulate the French example of having three a day for dairy’, Mr Hoare explained, and was ‘seen as a lifeline’ by many dairy farmers. However, a report by Public Health England suggested a reduction to the intake of dairy from 15% to 8%. Speaking against the ‘dodgy report’ by Public Health England, Mr Hoare claimed it would cause ‘huge damage and uncertainty to the dairy sector and for those in the public sector who buy food, whether in schools, hospitals and elsewhere’.

Mr Hoare added: ‘dairy farming is hugely important to the North Dorset economy and is a way of life for many. This damning report could have serious repercussions for hard-working farmers across the country.

Continuing, he said: ‘I have written to the Prime Minister to press the importance of the APPG’s report, ‘Putting Dairy Back on the Menu’ and requesting a meeting to discuss. I hope that DEFRA will work with the Departments for Health and Education to help get Public Health England’s crazy recommendation overturned.’